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Nakhsh was founded in 2019 in Sulaymaniyah by Hayas and Hasara Ismail Khayat who are still the brand’s only shareholders. Nakhsh started as an online business in a distinctive way of marketing fashion in Kurdistan. After graduating from business school, both had an ambition to create something different that reflects the uniqueness of every person. Khayat means tailor in Kurdish language, and the family always had tailors among it. His grandfather was a famous tailor in Khanqen, a small city eastern of Iraq. Ismail Khayat, their father, is an artist famous by using a lot of colors and patterns in his art works, each of which represents something different.

Nakhsh was found to show uniqueness through fashion. The brand combines the latest trends and the Kurdish culture. In a very short time, Nakhsh attracted the attention of people in Kurdistan because our mission is to turn Kurdish art’s uniqueness into a part of the modern lifestyle. The original idea was to design one piece for each customer to intensify the uniqueness, but because of customer demands we decided to offer the pieces in a limited quantity instead. 

In life, every color represents something, but by combing different colors in our designs we show the spirit of life. Khayat’s family has different artists and authors and everyone has added to the idea in their own way. Nakhsh is the first brand in Kurdistan that produces and exports clothes to other countries.


Hasara Ismail Khayat

Hasara graduated from the American University of Iraq-Sulaimaniyah (AUIS) from Business Administration Major

She had worked in several International NGOs in Kurdistan 

She is interested in working in Humanitarian Sectors Her hobbies are fashion and styling


Hayas Ismail Khayat

Hayas graduated from The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani (AUIS) in Bachelor of Science, Business Administration.

 He had worked with many well-known companies in Kurdistan in advertising and video production. 

He has been working as a full-time filmmaker since 2012. He has a lot of interest in art and technology