Story Behind Brand

We started from here

Mohammed salih was born in khanaqin in 1912, he spent his childhood there and he started to learn tailoring from his father Mohammed Rahim. He had spent a while with his father, and after a period of time, he was able to make his own place and was very famous of his tailoring at that time. He made a lot of different designs of shirts, pants, bags, and even wallets. 

At the age of 20 years old, he got married. He had 8 kids, 5 boys and 3 girls. His health started to get worse and in 1974 he passed away because of health problems. He couldn’t teach his kids more about tailoring. All of his children practice tailoring but only one of them was an expert in it, his daughters, Layla. On the other hand one of his other children had a very different talent and that talent was drawing. His name is Ismail and is famous as Ismail Khayat. “Khayat” means tailor in Arabic language and very commonly used in Kurdish language as well. Khayat started drawing from his home walls to stones and to rest of the world. His ideas are colorful.  

Mixing colors, details, and patterns are the main attributes of his art which makes it unique. Khayat was born in 1944 and made more than 1000 paintings in his journey. A lot of his work is on stones and he had many exhibitions around the world. In 2019, Hayas and Hasara, the children of Ismail Khayat and Gaziza Omer, an actress and artist, had an Idea of combining art and their grandfather’s work, tailoring. Through that, Nakhsh was born. A combination of art and tailoring from an artistic family to the world. The modern style pieces feature Kurdish traditional patterns and art. Nakhsh stands for pattern in Kurdish. 

Each of Nakhsh’s pieces is unique which means every customer will feel special through wearing a piece that no one else owns. In the beginning, it was very difficult for us to start in the tailoring industry, beside the idea of making the first Kurdish clothing brand. But we knew we can make it because its our ancestors passion and business from a long time ago. Our father’s art is the motive behind every creation we make. Our grandfather started from a very small place in Khanaqin and our goal is to make this art reach the rest of the world by making a unique design for everyone.